A Place to Live: York Housing Crisis debate

York Welfare Campaign are putting together an information and discussion event on York’s housing crisis. It’ll take place at the Friends Meeting House, Friargate at 7.30pm on Monday 14th May. (Facebook event). Our panel includes:

  • Rev Paul Wordsworth – Chaplain to York’s homeless and City of Sanctuary Co-ordinator
  • Michael Hall – Leeds Tenants Federation (on Council Housing)
  • Michelle Cooper – York Families (on Housing Benefit)
  • Chaired by Helen Graham – York Welfare Campaign and York Stop the Cuts

The economic climate, the government’s welfare ‘reforms’, the lack of house building: it all adds to the problems facing people who want to make a home in York. If we don’t find ways to act together for change, many of us will no longer be able to afford to stay in the city we live and work in. Already, homeless people are being settled in cities over a hundred miles away. Families are being forced to move out of York, upsetting their children’s education.

Come and ask your questions of our panel and join the debate on housing and how we make York somewhere people can afford to live.

For further reading on how changes to housing benefit are affecting people in York, the York Press together with York Council have produced two good articles: Hundreds to lose housing benefit payments and Big variation in way benefit cuts will hit.

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